Collaborative Leadership in School Library Learning Commons

New Canadian Standards and New Possibilities


  • Anita Brooks Kirkland
  • Carol Koechlin



Collaborative leadership, Learning commons, Standards, Canada


We have a brand new school library standards document in Canada to assist schools with transitioning to futures oriented teaching and learning. Leading Learning: Standards of Practice for School Library Learning Commons in Canada was officially released to the world in June 2014 and is now finding its way into strategic planning around the country. The publication of Leading Learning is an event of true historic significance. As the document says, “Learners have a right to expect good school libraries in every school in Canada.” Standards can indeed help measure practice, but Leading Learning does much more. By focusing on the needs of the learner, Leading Learning provides a framework for growth. Every school, no matter the status of its library program, can find itself in this framework and decide on tangible steps for improvement. The development of Leading Learning brought together input from every province and territory in the country, and successfully developed standards for growth that are meaningful within this very disparate context. This is a remarkable achievement.