Structural Cooperation Between Teachers, Public Librarians and Teacher Librarians


  • Iris Meuleman Rijnbrink Groep



Reading promotion, Information literacy, School library, Public library, Pre-vocational secondary education


According to the concept of ‘Public Library at School’, secondary schools and public libraries in the Netherlands are working on a structural cooperation. They collaborate at strategic, tactical and operating level to improve language skills, reading motivation and information literacy of students. This paper describes the experiences of the collaboration between several pre-vocational secondary schools and public libraries during the period of 2012 – 2015. Especially, the force of the collaboration of all the parties involved, is shown at all the components of the concept ‘Public library at school’. In all the example-schools it is shown that collaboration pays off. There are results on the management, employee and student level. The most important improvements are: students read more, students visit the (school) library more often, reading is more and more seen as ‘a normal thing to do’ and reading attitudes of students are improved.

Author Biography

Iris Meuleman, Rijnbrink Groep

Iris Meuleman MSc. studied Educational Science & Technology and Twente University. She works as a Senior Consultant at Rijnbrink Groep, which is an organization that supports and advises libraries. Iris is involved in consultancy, research and development in libraries and (secondary) education. Themes are information literacy, reading and lifelong learning. In addition, she is a member of the supervisory board of a school board. Since her graduation on ‘museum education for secondary school’, she is interested in the connection between education, libraries and museums. She believes that cooperation between these institutions, encourages and motivates the learning of basic skills both within and outside the school. “For who can read; can ask, learn, explore and enjoy the world around him.”