Learning, Changing and Affecting


  • Zhao Min Wanghu Primary School Hefei, Anhui Province




stone soup reading school league, school library, Hefei School Teacher librarian Association, Library curriculum, China


“Stone soup” is a reading association formed by over ten primary schools of Baohe District, Hefei, China. Sponsored by Chen Yixin Family Foundation, reading promotion activities of these schools got great effects and attracted wide attention in the recent ten years. The foundation suggested local government to set up the position of “librarian teacher” in the association schools and organized a series of professional trainings for the librarian teachers in order to develop library education in these schools. After the 18- month session training, the librarian teachers gained new understanding in school libraries and kept practicing their knowledge in building pleasant environment as well as item circulation process. They also established “Association of Librarian Teachers of schools in Hefei ” which aims at promoting communication between schools and facilitate development of school libraries.

The association has accomplished the textbooks of “Stone soup” reading association and made efforts on setting up the curriculum of the course “Library” in schools. They also developed a program called “Basic Training of Librarian Teachers” to help more schools and teachers to rebuild their understanding in school libraries and make the libraries better with their knowledge, thus giving hope to the future library education in mainland China.