Moving your Library? Embrace the Challenge, Love the Opportunity!


  • Kris Paterson Brighton Grammar School



Libraries, Secondary schools, 21st Century learning, Australia


The highs and lows of design, planning and moving an established school library into a brand new facility, designed for 21st Century teaching and learning at a boys’ high school. Consultation, collaboration, big picture planning, flexibility and a sense of humor will get you through!

Author Biography

Kris Paterson, Brighton Grammar School

Kris Paterson BEd, PGradDip (Comp Studies), MBIT
Kris has worked in libraries for 18 years, and has led secondary school libraries in regional and metropolitan Victoria, Australia. She recently spent two years working in the tertiary sector at a multi-campus university library, and is currently Middle School teacher-librarian at Brighton Grammar School, a day school for 1,250 students from Prep to year 12. Her work there includes collaborating with teachers, and designing, delivering and evaluating information literacy and reading programs.