Working in an Electronic School iCentre - Some Practical Ideas


  • Anneli Silvennoinen



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St Mary’s Waverley, School for Girls in Johannesburg, South Africa has taken the plunge into the digital and technological world of the 21st century. The Teacher Librarian was consulted on all aspects of updating and modernizing the Library into an iCentre that enhances the learning and teaching experience. The entire school is Wi-Fi connected. The edges of the iCentre, school, home, national and international communities have been blurred. Interactive and collaborative study is the norm. The print collection is enhanced by the Digital Library, website support, Facebook page, online Book Club, digital magazines and newspapers, electronic displays, notices and learning support on mobile devices and a large TV screen. Teaching and learning is online and mobile. Learners are trained in the various ICT skills by means of formal lessons as well as casual Podcamps in the iCentre.