Germany ́s Next Top-Literacy Workers!


  • Bettina Twrsnick, Dipl.Bibl.



Furthering of Reading, pedagogic, literacy, Professional network, Germany


It is the main target of the Bundesverband Leseförderung to establish best-educated pedagogues of reading and literature comprehension as „Literacy Workers“ all over Germany to achieve a way of furthering reading skills and motivation and the comprehension of literature successfully and with a long term effect.
Der vor 7 Jahren gegründete Bundesverband Leseförderung hat sich zum Ziel gesetzt, best ausgebildete „Lese- und Literaturpädagogen“ als „Literacy Workers“ in ganz Deutschland einzusetzen, um Leseförderung pädagogisch - und damit langfristig und nachhaltig abzusichern.

Author Biography

Bettina Twrsnick, Dipl.Bibl.

Bettina Twrsnick was born in Dresden and grew up in Munich. She studied
library science as well as music science in Stuttgart. Throughout her career she has worked and gained broad experience in all kinds of libraries and has been managing the Phantastic Library Wetzlar since 1989. Bettina Trwsnick is a foundation member of the Bundesverband für Leseförderung (BVL)
The Phantastic Library Wetzlar holds the largest collection of children’s books worldwide. As a member of the board of the BVL she engages herself for national as well as for international projects. The BVL further education on Pedagogic of Reading and Literary Comprehension takes place in her Library in the “Forum Language and Literacy”, a pedagogical department specialized on all facets of children’s literature, language(s) and literacy. By her direction the Phantastic Library has been developed to a center for social, cultural, scientific and pedagogical issues.