The School Librarian Rocks

Assessment in the School Library - Showing how the School Librarian as a Creditable Faculty Member has made a Measured Difference to the Students’ Learning and Growth


  • Jane Webber



school librarian, assessment tools, advocacy, learning, professionalism


This paper will describe assessment tools used by the author as a primary school librarian practitioner. It will show: how the tools can be used to provide the School Librarian with the means to report on students; and how the School Librarian can show that learning has taken place in the library. In the process the credibility of the School Librarian as a faculty member is enhanced as well as the collaborative partnership with staff and as a consequence has a strengthened position for advocacy for the place of the library and the school library as a key contributor to the school mission. Thus it will be shown that assessment is one avenue that the School Librarian can demonstrate his/her professionalism and that she/he is responsible for providing ‘the school library as a learning environment’. This paper thus contributes to an aim and a subtheme of the 44th IASL Conference.

Author Biography

Jane Webber

Jane Webber (Dip. Ed; TC; BA [Ed]; M Ed [TL]): currently retired. I have worked as: a Teacher Librarian at Loquat Valley Anglican Preparatory School (Bayview, NSW, Australia) from 1989 -2014 and at St Luke’s Grammar Junior School (Dee Why, NSW, Australia); and as a classroom teacher from 1971-1990. Presently, I work in a voluntary capacity with the Children’s Book Council of Australia (NSW) in their Sydney office and as a website manager. My main professional interest is as an educational practitioner with specialist interest, skills and knowledge in children’s literature, information inquiry and school library management. I view my role as a facilitator to provide an environment that will equip the school community with the necessary resources, skills and attitudes to become lifelong readers and learners. Hence they will be self-motivated to both read and inquire as a way of life.