SL@Bibli8 What did we do for ISLM 2012


  • Inez Kinanthi



SL stands for student librarians, and @Bibli8 is a short name for our library. This is about our routine yearly event. For the third year of our participation in International School Library Month (ISLM) 2012, we did several events. Some of them are common events that we always hold, and some others are new activities. Some new events were guitar clinic and Hangeul lesson. The guitar clinic involved a room with the guitar coach (which were students), the participants (which were also students) and me – as the moderator. This clinic facilitated sharing knowledge between students. Sharing knowledge between students could happen anytime
and anywhere. But here, I played a role as a mediator, who prepare everything for a great event. Being able to use a musical instrument is a life skill. I knew some students who knew how to play a guitar, and students who wanted to able to play guitar. I
arranged a time to facilitate a meeting between the two groups and they met in the library. The guitar clinic event was very successful, as the students were able to easily share their knowledge and learn how to play. The Hangeul lesson was similar in concept to the guitar clinic. In the Hangeul lesson, those who attended were students who are able to read and write in Hangeul words (Korean words) and those who wanted to learn that skill. These two events were new in my school. They were not expensive to facilitate, and the students were able to easily share their knowledge and learn from each other, enhancing their life skills, both for those who taught and those who learned.