Allusions, Illusions and Learning: Integrating story into the broader curriculum


  • Julie Granger



The workshop will be a visual presentation covering the rationale for a unit of research that involves integrated learning/curriculum and concentrates on critical literacy. The presentation will also involve a complete example unit and accompanying course booklet. Participants will be involved in a handson evaluation of the unit presented and assess its suitability to adapt to other “core literature genres”. The unit of work involves the “multiple faces of literacy: Reading. Knowing. Doing.” at the practical teaching level.

The aim is to show how to use texts from “classic fiction” in research units, as vehicles for learning, not only about the texts themselves, but also about their wider cultural significance and associated literary forms, as well as these stories represented in other media. The unit attempts to place everything examined in a meaningful context and to provide opportunities for students with diverse learning styles to enjoy the unit and to succeed. The objective is to make classic stories the integrating vehicles for learning, and so change them from literary “illusions” to “allusions” once more, therefore showing that the “critical literacy” approach can use traditional literature or story in teaching.