Bibliotecando: The new “social” role of school libraries


  • Gabriella Colla



The project “Bibliotecando” began in September 2005 and lasted till April 2006. Its aim was to define the “new” rule of the school library in the region of Piedmont (Northern Italy) from the point of view of the students, of their relatives and of the citizens .It was carried out by the so called Nucleo Biblioteche (Task Force for School Libraries) of the Regional School Office from Turin. “Bibliotecando” consists of three phases: a survey, a competitition and an action called “To read or not to read?”. Thanks to the survey on line we had information about the best practises which show an interesting and efficient interaction between the school library in Italy that is to say as Centres of Resources where not only students learn and make research but even people can interact in many ways. Moreover we had considered and collected the different links that the school libraries have in the context of local, national and international networks. The greatest challenge for our school libraries is how to promote themselves in the public opinion.