Library Practice Patterns in Community High Schools Project


  • Chiu-Hsai Lan
  • Jiann-Cherng Shieh



In this article, we try to investigate the community high schools project policies implemented by current educational units in Taiwan through document analysis and questionnaire survey methods. We also investigate what role the school library should play and what jobs the school library should promote in the point of view of a director of library in a senior high school. We try to conclude operation items which meet the spirits of government’s policies. In the mean time, based on a thinking that the school library should participate in local cultural activities aggressively, we try to investigate further, when the availability of school is extended into local community, what would be the possible cooperative contents and ways between school library and the local community? The research result is going to be used as a reference for future development and operation of school library in senior high school and vocational high school.