To build upon solid rock or to build upon sand:

The Challenge of Information Literacy in the School Library


  • Ana LĂșcia Terra



Starting with a rereading of the information literacy theories, we characterized the development of this concept, distinguish it and relate it with associated terms. After this theoretical framing, we focused on the role of the information literacy in the school context. We present our study based in the analyses of information behaviour, reading habits and information practices of students in Vila do Conde municipal area, using the school library collections and technological resources, considering also the location, access and use of information.

We do a brief general view over this group of school libraries in this municipal area, but we focused our analysis of the research universe in three schools of 1st level, one E.B. 2,3 and another secondary school, using an inquiry by a questionnaire. To better contextualise our study we also make the characterization and framing of each school library in its surroundings (city, rural and piscatorial) in order to allow a comparative analysis of the results.