The Whole Campus Is the Library: A Four-Entrance Management Strategy of a Library


  • Hsinshi Chang
  • Chenfu Lee



Discarding the traditional one-entrance design, the AHS library provides four entrances for readers. This multi-entry design brings challenges to the library management. However, with the school rationale and vision, freedom, autonomy, creativity, and energy, this new design tries to promote the use rate, to meet the demand of multi-learning, and to prepare all the students for further study. With the promotion of character education and with the trust on the students’ self-discipline, the AHS library insists no detection system be set by the entrance; thus the library becomes the field of learning how to behave themselves. To promote the use rate, the AHS library adopts digital and non-digital devices to extend its territory. The establishment of wireless network and the MOD system enable the teachers and students to access the needed information at every corner, the classroom shelves and reading groups erect a library branch in each space. Therefore, the conflicts of hybrid environments are reduced and the four entrances stand for not only the concrete entry but the multiple accesses to the library.