From Learning to Read to Reading to Learn: School Libraries, Literacy and Guided Inquiry


  • Ross J. Todd



School libraries are about the future. They are about the development of knowledgeable and knowing young people; young people who have the ability to read the word and the world, and who can live their lives as thinking, informed, knowledgeable and productive citizens of an increasingly inter-connected world. They are about young people who have the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values to invest wisely in confidently shaping their own futures and their lives as family, community and workplace members. Reading, Knowing and Doing are the multiple faces of the future global citizens that we nurture in our schools. Reading, Knowing, Doing, as the multiple faces of literacy, are the multiple faces of quality school libraries. And Reading, Knowing and Doing are at the heart of informed, in-tune, and in-touch school librarians committed to providing the best opportunities for our students to learn to use their minds well.