Literature Circles Online: Practical Strategies for Creating a Reading Culture using Technology


  • Barbara Combes



Providing opportunities and learning environments on-line where students are actively engaged and feel in control of their own learning experiences, encourages lifelong learning skills development such as independence, problem-solving and higher order thinking. Discrete on-line environments can also use the functionality of the technology to facilitate different learning styles and provide a 'safe' environment where students can explore and experiment before presenting their ideas to a larger audience. This paper considers current research and the importance of the fiction collection in the development of literacy outcomes for all students. It also examines an interactive on-line module that: incorporates the concept of literature or reading circles to promote reading; the development of higher order literacy skills and encourages the development of a reading culture. The on-line module was developed using a model that utilizes an holistic approach to learning to create a seamless learning environment where students work within a structured framework that is designed to foster independent learning and teamwork.