The Importance of School Libraries in Open Schooling, Sustainable Development, and Outdoor Learning


  • Francis Babayemi
  • Antonija Lujanac
  • Martina Paone
  • Sanja Skreblin



This paper reports the preliminary results of a 2020/2021 research project about open schooling, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and outdoor learning in Europe and the role of school libraries in implementation and development of Open Education Resources (OER). School librarians support learners who have been unable to access schooling, but also the learners who are in school, but are not learning effectively. School librarians as Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and educational experts have all important skills to support teachers and students in development and using an OER. Innovative distance learning needs to be established for monitoring, evaluation, quality assurance, and continuous improvement. The SDGs could be achieved only if local communities ensure open access to education.