Efforts and Changes Around School Libraries in Sweden Today: When Great Things are Happening… How Do We Communicate with Authorities and Decision Makers?


  • Fredrik Ernerot




Sweden, school library, national agency of education, school library education, governmental investigation


As the IASL conference themes in Long Beach (2017), Istanbul (2018), and Dubrovnik (2019) have influenced progression, impact, and innovation around school libraries, it is interesting to focus on how ordinary school librarians best adopt fields where communication on a higher level marks the spot! The theme for this paper will work as a useful contribution to different methods, practically applied in Sweden for over ten years. Methods of communication that function as an inspiration to the higher governmental work and processes for school libraries, both on a national and international level. A wider scale on the following topics will be presented - mainly to create a developed knowledge adapted for school libraries. Knowledge ready to be transformed when participants return to their homes, communicating with their own contacts responsible for school libraries.