Information about the Proceedings


  • Crystal Stang
  • Jennifer L. Branch-Mueller


We are pleased to share the Proceedings of the 50th Annual Conference of the International Association of School Librarianship conference and the 25th International Forum on Research in School Librarianship held virtually and in person in Columbia, South Carolina from July 11-15, 2022.  The Research Papers and Research Abstracts were peer-reviewed by a minimum of three school library researchers. A very special thank you to the conference committee chaired by Dr. Lucy Santos Green.

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Johnston, M. P. (2022). Teacher librarians supporting STEM education. In C. Stang & J. L. Branch-Mueller (Eds.). Proceedings of the 50th annual conference of the International Association of School Librarianship and the 23rd international forum on research in school librarianship. Edmonton, Canada: University of Alberta. (You can add the direct link to your paper as well as the unique DOI)