Secondary Teachers' Perceptions on Collaboration and Teaching Information Skills


  • Sarah Crary



Information literacy instruction helps students’ academic achievement (Smalley, 2004; O’Sullivan & Dallas, 2010) and requires collaborative instruction between the librarian and teacher. This study is a follow up of the author’s previous research in order to address the limitations of a small sample and lack of rural population (Crary, 2019). In addition, this study expands on the use of Fullan’s (2007) Change Theory to initiate the change towards collaborative instruction of these skills from the teacher’s perspective. Secondary education (ages 11-18) teachers (N = 404) in North Dakota responded to a survey. Results were analyzed for teachers’ perceptions about collaborative roles between a school librarian and a classroom teacher regarding information literacy skills. The results indicated teachers teaching information literacy alone or collaborating with the librarian are more open to change. Schools need to provide ongoing professional development on information literacy and collaboration.




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Crary, S. (2021). Secondary Teachers’ Perceptions on Collaboration and Teaching Information Skills. School Libraries Worldwide, 25(2), 48–65.