Embracing the Killjoy: Our Editorial Declaration

  • Danielle Normandeau University of Alberta


Our feminist project is to actualize a forum for undergraduate students to publish research in Women’s and Gender Studies and feminist research within other disciplines. We aimed, in short, to take the feminist killjoy seriously: to wield the power of critique along a radical anti-oppression trajectory. This aim materializes in these first pages of our inaugural issue and will continue to do so in our future publications. We thank you for taking the time to read our collective efforts, and give many thanks to our wonderful contributors for their excellent and creative thinking. We hope that you will be inspired to kill some joy yourself.

Author Biography

Danielle Normandeau, University of Alberta
Danielle Normandeau is in her third year at the University of Alberta, working towards an honors degree in Women’s and Gender Studies. Her academic interests include graphic narratives, contemporary art and aesthetics, queer theory and identity politics, and modernist literature. She is an executive member of Feminists at the University Alberta as well as a founder and editor of Spaces Between: An Undergraduate Feminist Journal. 
Feminist Killjoy