Alberta Man 2011- drawing on canvas


  • Kathryn Dutchak


This drawing was part of a body of drawings that explored the development of post-colonial modern day Alberta.  Through historical research of our pioneering past into the fragmented lives of those who came to our province to build what we have today, these images were meant to symbolize the struggle those individuals would have had in our largely patriarchal and imperialistic society. Like the conflicts faced by of many feminists  in our province, the fight for individual identity and autonomy is sometimes a compromise made in order to survive. In this case, the image of a man is used, but his distinguishing characteristics are concealed with the political symbol of Canada, as if he was nothing but a vessel to enact the ideas of others. He is both supporting the power of his country while being crushed under the weight of it, a double edge that continues to be examined by those who have the power to question and change our post-colonial society.

Author Biography

Kathryn Dutchak