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This journal is the product of a collective effort. A great deal of work went into its publication, for which we are all very grateful. First, thank you to Melanie Lintott for creating the cover image that so perfectly encapsulates the themes this edition explores. Second, thank you to all of the contributors for their thought-provoking work, and for engaging as a collective by helping to edit this year’s contributions. Third, thank you to the journal’s editorial board, consisting of Erin Gallagher-Cohoon, Emily Dutton, Kristina Belyea and Brett Willes, for their thoughtful feedback and participation. Fourth, thank you to our senior editors, Alysha Anderson, Danielle Normandeau, and Roxanne Runyon for going above and beyond their editorial duties. Finally, thank you to the Women and Gender Studies Department at the University of Alberta for making this journal possible, and for the constant encouragement and support provided by its academic and support staff.