Vulnerability as Strength


  • Danielle Normandeau University of Alberta


This edition asks us and you to reimagine vulnerability as a collective strength – one which we all experience (albeit in many and different ways), one which we may share in common, and one which we can rely upon as communities to affect positive social change. What would such a project look like? The articles contained within this edition, while different in so many ways, answer this question when taken as a whole. Specifically, by presenting the reader with these pieces and thereby exposing the bellies of our undergraduate work, we are vulnerable. However, by sharing our ideas we are also sparking and contributing to important discussions, and engaging the reader to do so as well. This is a collective project, engaged in by both the contributors and the reader. To this end, our vulnerability certainly is a strength.

Author Biography

Danielle Normandeau, University of Alberta

Danielle Normandeau is in her final year at the University of Alberta, working towards an Honors degree in Women’s and Gender Studies. Her academic interests include graphic memoirs, queering sexual violence, queer theory and identity politics, and memory studies. She is an executive member of Feminists at the University Alberta as well as a founder and and senior editor of Spaces Between.