Translating Alejandro Morales’ Reto en el paraiso into French : the Implications of Translating a Spanglish Text as well as its cultural dimensions.

Laura Wey (
Modern Languages and Cultural Studies, University of Alberta
September, 2010


This thesis first analyses the context and linguistic mechanisms of Spanglish within Chicano literature. Then the issue of multilingual translation is examined through the case study of A. Morales’ Reto en el paraiso. After looking into the many difficulties stemming from the translation of a Spanglish text into a third language, namely French, I will propose my own translation of the first chapter of the novel. In general, a foreignizing approach was preferred, although some complexities of Spanglish occasionally forced the translator to adopt a more domesticating approach. In sum, this dissertation endeavours to provide practical as well as theoretical answers to the challenges of translating multilingual texts.