The Urban Aboriginal Middle-Income Group in Canada: A Demographic Profile

Amanda Parriag, Paul Chaulk


Recent research suggests that there is an emerging urban Aboriginal middle-income group in Canada but little is known about it. This paper examines the demographic profile of the urban Aboriginal middle-income group (excluding First Nations living on-reserve) from the 2006 Aboriginal Peoples Survey in comparison to the non-Aboriginal population from the 2006 Census. Results showed that there is a definite urban Aboriginal middle-income group in Canada that is demographically similar in many ways to the non-Aboriginal middle-income group, with language the one variable where the pattern was completely different. Aboriginal people were more likely to be in the lower-income group and less likely to be in the higher-income group than non-Aboriginal people, while the proportion in the middle-income group was often similar. Among Aboriginal people, First Nations had lower income levels than other Aboriginal people, even at higher education levels.


Aboriginal income, middle income, urban Aboriginal, Aboriginal Peoples Survey

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Support: Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada