The Urban Aboriginal Middle-Income Group in Canada: A Demographic Profile


  • Amanda Parriag Amanda Parriag and Associates
  • Paul Chaulk Atlantic Evaluation Group Inc.



Aboriginal income, middle income, urban Aboriginal, Aboriginal Peoples Survey


Recent research suggests that there is an emerging urban Aboriginal middle-income group in Canada but little is known about it. This paper examines the demographic profile of the urban Aboriginal middle-income group (excluding First Nations living on-reserve) from the 2006 Aboriginal Peoples Survey in comparison to the non-Aboriginal population from the 2006 Census. Results showed that there is a definite urban Aboriginal middle-income group in Canada that is demographically similar in many ways to the non-Aboriginal middle-income group, with language the one variable where the pattern was completely different. Aboriginal people were more likely to be in the lower-income group and less likely to be in the higher-income group than non-Aboriginal people, while the proportion in the middle-income group was often similar. Among Aboriginal people, First Nations had lower income levels than other Aboriginal people, even at higher education levels.