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The Canadian Journal of Sociology publishes rigorously peer-reviewed research articles and innovative theoretical essays by social scientists from around the world, providing insight into the issues facing Canadian society as well as social and cultural systems in other countries. The journal also features a lively debate/commentary section encouraging the intensive exchange of ideas, along with regular sections such as “Notes on Society” that address topical issues of the day from a social science point of view and “Notes on the Discipline” designed to discuss a variety of issues encountered in the course of the sociological analysis of modern society. Each issue of the journal also has a comprehensive book review section.



CALL FOR PAPERS: Space, Place, and Childhood in Canada

A call for contributions contributions to a special issue of the Canadian Journal of Sociology focused on the role and sociological impact of both space and place in relation to childhood and youth in Canada.  
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Vol 42, No 3 (2017)

Table of Contents

Bill Carroll
225 - 260
Nestar Russell
261 - 292
Jon Frauley
293 - 324

Notes on the Discipline

Arthur McLuhan , Antony Puddephatt
325 - 336

Book Reviews/Comptes rendus

Pernecky, Tomas, Epistemology and Metaphysics for Qualitative Research.
Kevin Walby
337 - 340
Forrest, Stuart, Down, Out, & Under Arrest: Policing and Everyday Life in Skid Row.
Rylan Kafara
341 - 344
Gabriel, Norman, The Sociology of Early Childhood.
Noah Kenneally
345 - 348
Roberts, Adrienne, Gendered States of Punishment and Welfare: Feminist Political Economy, Primitive Accumulation and the Law.
Brittany Mario
349 - 352
Fassin, Didier (Ed.), If Truth Be Told: The Politics of Public Ethnography.
Martyn Hammersley
353 - 356
Popitz, Heinrich, Phenomena of Power: Authority, Domination, and Violence.
John A. Hall
357 - 360
Worthy, Ben, The Politics of Freedom of Information: How and Why Governments Pass Laws that Threaten their Power.
Kevin Walby
361 - 364
De Vries, Gerard, Bruno Latour.
Jim Conley
365 - 368
Love, Erik, Islamophobia and Racism in America.
Derek M. D. Silva
369 - 372
Katherine Bischoping & Amber Gazso, Analyzing Talk in the Social Sciences: Narrative, Conversation & Discourse Strategies.
Pengfei Zhao
373 - 376

Books Received/Livres réçus

Books Received/ Livres reçus
Marta-Marika Urbanik
377 - 378