Canadian Journal of Sociology

The Canadian Journal of Sociology publishes rigorously peer-reviewed research articles and innovative theoretical essays by social scientists from around the world, providing insight into the issues facing Canadian society as well as social and cultural systems in other countries. The journal also features a lively debate/commentary section encouraging the intensive exchange of ideas, along with regular sections such as “Notes on Society” that address topical issues of the day from a social science point of view and “Notes on the Discipline” designed to discuss a variety of issues encountered in the course of the sociological analysis of modern society. Each issue of the journal also has a comprehensive book review section.


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Vol 44, No 1 (2019): Special Issue - The Dissemination Of National Knowledge In An Internationalized Scientific Community

Table of Contents

Vincent Larivière , Jean-Philippe Warren
1 - 8
Emanuel Kulczycki , Ewa Aleksandra Rozkosz , Aneta Drabek
9 - 38
Ana Bocanegra-Valle
39 - 66
Dejan Pajić , Tanja Jevremov , Marko Škorić
67 - 94
Julien Larrègue , Philippe Mongeon , Jean-Philippe Warren , Cassidy R. Sugimoto , Vincent Larivière
95 - 114

Book Reviews/Comptes rendus

Huey, Laura and Broll, Ryan. Becoming Strong: Impoverished Women and the Struggles to Overcome Violence.
Isabel Scheuneman Scott
115 - 118
Julian Go, Postcolonial thought and social theory.
Meaghan Edwards
119 - 122
Hogarth, Kathy, and Wendy Fletcher, A Space for Race: Decoding Racism, Multiculturalism, and Post-Colonialism in the Quest for Belonging in Canada and Beyond.
William Estuardo Rosales , Vanessa Vanessa Escobar
123 - 126
Luhmann, Niklas, Trust and Power.
Jean-Sébastien Guy
127 - 130
Jennifer N. Fish, Domestic Workers of the World Unite! A Global Movement for Dignity and Human Rights.
Chen , Chen Wang-Dufil
131 - 134

Books Received/Livres réçus

Books Received/ Livres reçus
Marta-Marika Urbanik
135 - 136