Acknowledging Librarians’ Contributions to Systematic Review Searching


  • Robin Desmeules McGill University
  • Sandy Campbell J.W. Scott Health Sciences Library, University of Alberta
  • Marlene Dorgan J.W. Scott Health Sciences Library, University of Alberta



systematic reviews, health sciences librarianship, collaboration, authorship, acknowledgement





Academic health librarians are increasingly involved as members of research teams that conduct systematic reviews. Sometimes librarians are co-authors on the resulting publications, sometimes they are acknowledged, and sometimes they receive no recognition. This study was designed to query librarian supervisors’ understanding of the extent to which Canadian academic health librarians are involved in systematic reviews and the manner in which their work is recognized.



A survey asking 21 questions was sent to supervisors of librarians at all 17 academic health sciences libraries in Canada, querying the extent and nature of librarians’ involvement in systematic review research projects and the forms of acknowledgement that they receive.



Fourteen responses to the survey were received.  Results show strong expectations that librarians are involved, and will be involved, in systematic review research projects.  Results related to the number of reviews undertaken, the amount of time required, the forms of acknowledgement received, and the professional value of systematic review searching varied greatly.



The lack of consensus among academic health librarians’ supervisors regarding most aspects of librarians’ involvement in systematic review projects, and the ways in which this work is and should be acknowledged, points to the need for research on this subject. 


Author Biography

Robin Desmeules, McGill University

Cataloguing Librarian, McGill University



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