Quality in Brazilian Academic Libraries: Proposal of Indicators from the Customers' Point of View


  • Waldomiro Vergueiro University of São Paulo
  • Telma de Carvalho University of São Paulo




The management of quality in academic libraries, as a management method that allows the improvement of performance, has been the object of interest for the managers of these services. In this context, the identification of indicators that may take into account the social-economical and political context that permeate the reality of the information services is essential to better adequate the quality proposals. A search aiming to identify and validate proper indicators for academic libraries in developing countries was developed by a group of researches and professionals involved with many teaching units of São Paulo Academic. Based on a bibliographic survey about the application of quality on information services, the research aimed to validate 16 indicators appointed in the literature and considered, by the research staff, as belonging to Brazilian reality (communication, access, reliability, courtesy, effectiveness/ efficiency, quality, response, tangible, reliability, security, extension, warranty, external customer satisfaction, cost/benefit and response time). From the data collection performed with 7 academic libraries in the Dentistry field, that served as environment to apply and validate the indicators, a proposal for its adequacy to the characteristics of the Brazilian academic environment was elaborated. It was concluded that the indicators tested in the dentistry libraries made possible the identification and characterization of the main elements that must be present during the evaluation of the quality of an information service of academic nature, and may be adapted and seen in the context of other environments, as well as to be used to permanently monitor the information services inserted in the Brazilian context.




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Vergueiro, W., & de Carvalho, T. (2013). Quality in Brazilian Academic Libraries: Proposal of Indicators from the Customers’ Point of View. Proceedings of the Annual Conference of CAIS / Actes Du congrès Annuel De l’ACSI. https://doi.org/10.29173/cais28