Crafting Living Inquiry with a Quilt of Children’s Images


  • Corinna Peterken Brigham Young University



craft, quilting, photography, early childhood, a/r/tography


Embodied encounters in and with crafting as method led to knowing with making in this research. A crafted bricolage of photographs from young children (aged 15 months to 5 years) was created at their early childhood centre. The children’s photographs became material for further thinking as they were transferred to fabric and combined into a quilt that was tie quilted by children and the researcher as artist/researcher/teachers (Springgay, Irwin, Leggo, & Gouzouasis, 2008). Our craft processes in quilt making initiated ongoing integrated art-making, teaching/learning, and conversations with and without words. Much research in early childhood has a focus on the child, but what do children focus on, and how might they be more than participants? Rich experiences throughout the co-creation of the quilt as a living inquiry provided spaces for learning and knowledge making. Craft as research and a piece of art to display for the learning community provoked questions and opened understandings about and with young children, their preferences, and their capacity as co-researchers.

Author Biography

Corinna Peterken, Brigham Young University

Corinna Peterken is an Assistant Professor in Teacher Education (early childhood) at Brigham Young University in the McKay School of Education. She is an artist/academic with interests in arts based research with postmodern and critical perspectives. Her work in early childhood education supports embodied place based learning and education through art.


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