A Review of Susan Casey Walsh's "Contemplative and Artful Openings: Researching Women and Teaching"

  • Alison (Ali) Lizette Black University of the Sunshine Coast
Keywords: Poetic response, research artifacts, Miksang, awarenessing, (re)imagining


These poetic and visual offerings are responses to Susan Walsh’s book Contemplative and Artful Openings. Her book offers to readers an invitation to join the open, emergent space of her text, to wonder and engage. And so, with this review, I have begun.


Author Biography

Alison (Ali) Lizette Black, University of the Sunshine Coast

Ali Black is Senior Lecturer, arts-based and narrative researcher at the University of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. Ali is interested in autoethnographic, storied and visual approaches for supporting meaning-making, and the power and impact of collaborative and relational knowledge construction. She is working to create a kinder academy and is focused on spaces for female academics to share their experiences.


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