Lingering in Leggoian Light

Contemplating Carl Leggo's Momentous Mentorship




pedagogical light, educational mentorship, spirituality, poetic inquiry, arts-based research


My PhD supervisor and mentor, Carl Leggo, died of cancer on March 7th, 2019. In this essay, I trace the personal, poetic, intellectual, and spiritual journey of his momentous mentorship. In the absence of his physical being, there is still a profound presence, and what I have come to know as pedagogical light. On his passing, another lyrical lesson began for me on how what a teacher leaves behind can stay in the mind, heart, and soul for a lifetime. I have emerged knowing what it means to live poetically, as Carl was writing and teaching us all along. His mentorship is enduring and continues to shape the art of my own being into fullness as a poet, (re)searcher, and teacher. Here, through prose and poetry, I reflect on Carl’s wisdom and how he saw the breadth of my pedagogical being—the whole of the moon.

Author Biography

Anar Rajabali, The University of British Columbia

Anar Rajabali is an educator, poet, and researcher. Her award-winning arts-based dissertation, (Re)turning to the Poetic I/Eye: Towards a Literacy of Light (2017), is a meditation on poetry, spirituality, and the quest for knowledge. Her research engages poetry (textual and spoken), song, philosophy, autobiography, and curriculum theorizing.





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Rajabali, A. (2023). Lingering in Leggoian Light: Contemplating Carl Leggo’s Momentous Mentorship. Art/Research/International:/A/Transdisciplinary/Journal, 8(1), 50–68.