Where Does It Hurt?

A Poetic Holding of Existential Hurt


  • Addyson Frattura University of British Columbia




poetic inquiry, literary analysis, existential, hurt, education


The question of an existential experience of hurt is not only relevant during present times of enduring hurt through realities such as a deadly pandemic, racialized violence, precarious educational realities, and ongoing struggles for justice in its many forms. The work of this poetic inquiry is enduringly relevant insofar as both institutions and people hold, create, sustain, and attempt to respond to hurt of many kinds. At times, we may cause more hurt than we soothe. As I write, I am grounded in the practices of poetic and literary analysis and position this piece a space and a form to hold the seemingly incommensurable questions for us as teachers, as artists, and as humans existing and living through a world of hurt. As a philosopher of education, I am perpetually concerned with the possibilities of a humanizing education that may soothe and eradicate existential hurt. I look toward poetry and art to show us the way.

Author Biography

Addyson Frattura, University of British Columbia

Addyson Frattura is a PhD Candidate in the Department of Educational Studies at the University of British Columbia. Addyson is a philosopher of education who studies school expulsion, abolitionist education, and ethics of love through philosophical, literary, pedagogical, and artistic traditions. She is particularly committed to addressing the question of human freedom and human suffering through writing and teaching in community. Website: https://ubc.academia.edu/AddysonFrattura.




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Frattura, A. (2022). Where Does It Hurt? A Poetic Holding of Existential Hurt. Art/Research/International:/A/Transdisciplinary/Journal, 7(2), 477–496. https://doi.org/10.18432/ari29675