Editorial Team



Managing Editor:
Sandra Rollings-Magnusson, PhD, is a professor of Sociology at MacEwan University in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Her research interests include Canadian prairie social history, political economy, family issues, human rights, gender inequality, and labour policy. She is a SSHRC recipient and a past executive member of the Canadian Sociological Association. Along with teaching family-related courses for twenty years, she has also written four books as well as a number of journal articles, book chapters, policy reports and book reviews. She was the creator of “The Canadian Journal of Family and Youth” in 2007 and as Managing Editor, has helped to establish the journal as an international and national entity for academic writing.

Associate Editors:
Tami Bereska, MacEwan University
Susan Raine, MacEwan University
Adenike Yesufu, MacEwan University
Anastasia Kulpa, MacEwan University

Currently, the journal has over 50 academic reviewers in various family-related disciplines.

Many Thanks to our Past Associate Editors:
Margrit Eichler, University of Toronto
David Fischer, MacEwan University
Bryan Hogeveen, University of Alberta
Marie Kozakiewicz, MacEwan University
Peter Roccia, MacEwan University
James Vaughn, MacEwan University
Norine Verberg, St. Francis Xavier University
Leslie Vermeer, MacEwan University
Dorte Weber, MacEwan University
Maureen Baker, University of Auckland
Ronnie Frankenberg, Keele University
Dwight Zakus, Griffith University