Who Falls in Love First? The Role Gender Plays in Love Expression


  • Abigail Odegard




Love is a universal feeling. It is present in every language and every culture. There is variability that exists between cultures, but the essence of love is the same. It is influential, it is impactful, it is a feeling that is sought after and being in love is considered one of the greatest successes. The expression of love has the ability to vary greatly. The extent of how love is expressed and how often or how much love is expressed varies from culture to culture. But the question of whether or not it varies between genders is still a point of interest to researchers. The timeline of people falling in love is a topic of discussion and who in a relationship will say the three magical words first is something to examine. Asking the question of who falls and says “I love you” first, men or women, will help explore romantic relationships.