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Vol. 16 No. 1 (2019)
Published: 2019-01-24

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Complicity has been affiliated with the Chaos and Complexity Theories Special Interest Group of the American Educational Research Association, and gratefully acknowledges their support.

However, at this time, we must inform interested parties that we are no longer accepting submissions as we transition to two new venues.

The first venue, the Northeast Journal of Complex Systems (NEJCS), accepts submissions on a wide variety of topics, including education, connected to complexity. You may find out more about them at the website

The second venue is a new journal, to be published by Springer, that anticipates accepting submissions in 2019 with a first issue to be published in 2020. You may contact the editors, Matthijs Koopmans (mkoopmans_at_mercy_dot_edu) or Dimitrios Stamavlasis (stadi_at_phil_dot_auth_dot_gr) for more information.