Complexities of interdisciplinarity: two (or three) into one will go. Response to Angus McMurtry

  • Ronald Barnett Institute of Education, University of London

Author Biography

Ronald Barnett, Institute of Education, University of London

Ron Barnett is an educational consultant and Emeritus Professor of Higher Education in the Faculty of Polocy and Society at the Institute of Education, University of London, UK. He has a particular interest in the theory and conceptualisation of higher education and for the last thirty years, has been trying to develop a social philosophy of the university. He has also been trying to offer conceptual resources that might help universities to realise their potential for personal and social wellbeing. He has published widely on issues connected with the idea of higher education in the twenty-first century, Knowledge and the university, Professional education, Quality matters, Being a student, Reshaping the curriculum, The relationship between research and teaching, Academic identity and Being a university. His most recent book (Routledge, 2001) is entitled Being a University and he is currently working on a book that is examining the place of the imagination in developing our ideas of the university. Ron can be contacted by email at


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