A review of Good Education in an Age of Measurement: Ethics, Politics, Democracy by Gert Biesta

  • Ton Jörg University of Utrecht

Author Biography

Ton Jörg, University of Utrecht

Ton Jörg has been involved in complex systems and complexity thinking since 1971 and has been an educational scientist at the University of Utrecht since 1982. He obtained a BSc in Physics and Mathematics from the University of Amsterdam in 1970, an M.A in Psychology from the same university in 1977, and completed his dissertation about the choice of physics as an examination subject in 1994. He may be contacted at the following email addresses: A.G.D.Jorg@uu.nl; or agdjorg@gmail.com.  Website:http://www.ivlos.uu.nl/deorganisatie/wiewatwaar/medewerkers/jrg/7000main.html

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