Response to Fazio and Gallagher: Brought Forth in Bringing Forth. The Inter-Actions and Products of a Collective Learning System

  • Tom Kieren
  • Elaine Simmt

Author Biographies

Tom Kieren
Tom Kieren is professor emeritus in the Department of Secondary Education, University of Alberta. Probably best known for his seminal work in rational number thinking, Dr. Kieren has had an intense focus on the learner of mathematics. He was one of a very few pioneers of enactivism within the mathematics education community and is arguably one of the most influential mathematics educators in Canada. Today Tom continues his work in mathematics education reviewing dozens of research papers per year and spending hours in his grandchildren’s mathematics classrooms as an elder.
Elaine Simmt
Elaine Simmt is professor and chair of the Department of Secondary Education, University of Alberta. She began her career as a secondary school teacher of mathematics, chemistry and physics and completed doctoral studies under the supervision of Tom Kieren. Her research is focused in mathematics education: in particular she explores teaching and learning through the fame of complexity theory.
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