On the Edge of Chaos: In Search of a Process

  • Carolyn Mamchur
  • Linda Apps


ʺAccepting the ways of others while figuring out how best to interfereʺ. That advice haunted this teacher turned professor turned writer as she struggled to find the best way to actualize this mandate given her by the dramatist, Dorothy Heathcote. The personal journey of the fine tension between acceptance and interference is the tale told in ʺOn the Edge of Chaos”.

Author Biographies

Carolyn Mamchur
Carolyn Mamchur is a professor of education at Simon Fraser University. She has been teaching in some capacity for most of her life, starting as a teenager teaching high school in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. She focuses her energy on teaching, consulting, writing books, novels, screen plays, and developing a botanical garden which she shares with her daughter and two dogs.
Linda Apps
Linda Apps is a limited term lecturer at Simon Fraser University. She has worked as an adult educator and educational technologist in industry and post‐secondary for over 10 years. Her research focuses on art education, artistic process and writing process.