Universities in Opposition to Israel’s Military Occupation and the De-development of the West Bank and Gaza

Keith Hammond


This paper argues that the violation of justice in Palestine began in 1948 and was deepened in 1967 with the further occupation and de-development of Palestine which continues to this day.  For forty two years, international law has been defied by Israel with one excuse after another that few people accept.  Israel has persistently built more and more settlements and separations that make the basic human right to education and health near impossible for the Palestinians.  Whilst international aid has been necessary, it has been politically ineffective in halting the capture and annexing of more and more Palestinian land.  More Palestinians are removed from Jerusalem every day as violence upon violence is piled on the people of Palestine.  This paper argues that this is unacceptable for the international family of higher education.  It argues that universities around the world should take a political lead in response to the call from Palestinian and other peace workers to build the Boycott, Disinvestment and Sanctions movement in global civil society.  This paper moves the position that history has built up to a point where justice for Palestine is now an undeniable global issue for people of conscience everywhere.  The situation is such that universities cannot step back and leave it to politicians.  Academics and students must speak out and take a lead in ending the day to day abuse of basic Palestinian rights.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18733/C35P41