Patriarchy Rules: Transforming resistance to gender inequalities in science teacher education in Zimbabwe


  • Charles Chikunda
  • Plaxcedes Chikunda




 This paper explores underlying mechanisms that constrain gender transformation in science education in Zimbabwe. Notwithstanding strides made with regards to gender equality in education, gender disparity is still visible mostly in natural science related disciplines. Focusing on a teacher education department, this paper argues that gender inequality is deeply imbued in the norms of the institution, patriarchy as a culture playing a decisive role in constraining the uptake of gender responsive curriculum practices. As recommendation we propose that curriculum re-orientation is not likely to be successful if it is done superficially without shaking the patriarchal roots that shape cultural values of practitioners. There is need to go beyond policy formulation to support reflexivity among teacher educators that will help them to scrutinize their values and practices as it relates to establishing gender responsive pedagogy in science education.