A Digital Snapshot – A Media Arts Justice Toolkit Approach to Support Indigenous Self-Determining Youth


  • Kirsten Lindquist




In this piece, Lindquist provides a toolkit for working with Indigenous youth through media arts. In doing so, she braids the three themes of the Symposium together: Indigenous, digital, and youth issues. Here, she presents her work as part academic article, part toolkit. The toolkit includes four examples of media arts justice activities that can be used to engage and support youth as they make connections between local and global issues. These activities were used by nehiyaw youth from Frog Lake First Nation who were attending Heinsburg Community School with support from Native Youth Sexual Health Network. Each activity includes a step-by-step guide, as well as background information on the relevance for young people as well as the scholarly community. They are grounded in both project- and place-based pedagogical approaches, and have benefits for Indigenous and non-Indigenous students. Lindquist theorizes around these examples throughout using Indigenous feminisms, reproductive justice, and education-based frameworks and thus bridges the gap between scholar and practitioner. This toolkit is emerging as a bridge between where we are at now and what we can imagine.