Tribute to Canute Lloyd Stanford (June 5, 1933 - May 21, 2023)


  • Cyril Dabydeen University of Ottawa
  • Dr. John Samuel Government of Canada
  • Cecille DePass University of Calgary



Tribute to the life and achievements of Canute Lloyd Stanford (June 5, 1933 - May 21, 2023) by Dr. Cyril Dabydeen, Dr. John Samuel and Dr. Cecille DePass.

Author Biographies

Cyril Dabydeen, University of Ottawa

Cyril Dabydeen, retired Professor from the University of Ottawa is “a noted Canadian poet” (House of Commons, Ottawa). His books include: My Undiscovered Country/Stories, God’s Spider, My Multi-Ethnic Friends/Stories, and Imaginary Origins: New and Selected Poems, My Brahmin Days and Other Stories, and The Wizard Swami (novel). His Drums of My Flesh, is a Guyana Prize winner for best novel, and was nominated for the IMPAC Dublin Prize. Cyril’s work has appeared in over sixty literary anthologies, e.g., Poetry, The Critical Quarterly, Canadian Literature, the Oxford, Penguin, and Heinemann Books of Caribbean Verse, and Singing in the Dark: Lockdown Poems (Penguin/Random House, India, 2020). He juried for Canada’s Governor General’s Award (poetry) and the Neustadt International Prize for Literature (U/Oklahoma). He taught Writing at the University of Ottawa and worked extensively in government. He holds post-graduate degrees from Queen’s University, Canada. He is Ottawa Poet Laureate Emeritus.

Dr. John Samuel, Government of Canada

Dr. T. John Samuel completed his PhD, in Economics, at the University of Toronto and is currently the President at John Samuel & Associates Inc. which received contracts from the United Nations for work in Tunisia, Indonesia, and Thailand; in Canada from the Privy Council Office, the Public Service Commission, Department of Justice, the Canadian Human Rights Commission, CIDA, HRSDC, Statistics Canada, Industry Canada, Canada School of Public Service, Environment Canada, the Conference Board; and the International Labour Office, in Geneva. Dr. Samuel led a team of 15 consultants to develop a Strategy for a Racism-Free Workplace that was commissioned by HRSDC.

Listed in Canadian Who’s Who since 1989 Dr. Sameul has been the recipient of three gold medals from University of Kerala and two Community Service Medals from Government of Canada in 1992. Included in Outstanding Immigrants of the Millennium, 2001. Published over 85 monographs, chapters in books and scholarly papers on human rights, immigration, diversity, population and development.

Cecille DePass, University of Calgary

A former Commonwealth Scholar, Cecille DePass, PhD, is an Associate Professor Emerita at the Werklund School of Education, University of Calgary. She has published widely in the field of critical multiculturalism, employment equity and cultural studies. Her areas of expertise include curriculum and learning, and comparative study. Since retirement in 2014, Dr. DePass has been working with colleagues to produce three books. Cecille DePass is the Co-founder and Co-editor of Cultural and Pedagogical Inquiry (CPI), hosted by the University of Alberta Libraries.