ASIST SIG III’s International Paper Contest Raffle

J. K. Vijayakumar


The American Society for Information Science and Technology’s SIG for International Information Issues’ fundraising raffle for this year’s international paper contest is in full swing. The grand-prize winner will go home with a sophisticated Dell Inspiron Digital Notebook. The fundraiser kicked off on April 1, 2007, and will conclude with a draw during the 2007 International Reception at the ASIST Annual Meeting in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in October 2007. Only 250 tickets will be sold, thus each entrant has an excellent chance of winning the grand prize. Tickets are sold on a first come, first served basis. Monies raised will promote international research by benefiting the winners of the 2007 international paper contest.

Tickets are available at:

The purposes of SIG III are:

  • to promote better awareness among ASIST members and information professionals of the importance of international cooperation
  • to facilitate and enhance better communication and interaction among ASIST members and their foreign colleagues on information issues
  • to develop an international network of digital scholars and experts on digital libraries and information technology in developing countries
  • to provide a forum for exploring and discussing international information issues and problems

SIG III membership includes most non-U.S. ASIST members, and a true cross-section of U.S. ASIST members.

More information about the paper contest can be found on the award winning SIG III website under Paper Contest:

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