Librarian-Lead Faculty Learning Communities Offer Opportunities for Collaboration


  • Jennifer Kaari East Orange Public Library, East Orange, New Jersey, United States of America



A Review of:

Burress, T., Mann, E., & Neville, T. (2020). Exploring data literacy via a librarian-faculty learning community: A case study. Journal of Academic Librarianship, 46(1).  


Objective – To describe a librarian-lead faculty learning community (FLC) focused on data literacy.

Design – Case study.

Setting – A public university in Florida.

Subjects – 10 participants in the FLC.

Methods – Two librarians proposed the Data Literacy Across the Curriculum FLC as part of the University of South Florida St. Petersburg Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning. Participants were recruited from all full-time instructional faculty. The group met for monthly 90-minute meetings throughout the fall and spring semesters. Meetings were focused on group goal-setting, lightning talks, open discussion, data tool demonstrations, and the planning and development of work projects. In addition, the group designed an informal survey on the use of data tools across the institution.

Main Results – At the conclusion of the year-long FLC, the group developed a frame for data literacy competencies that can be utilized across the curriculum. The FLC participants created a Data Literacy Faculty Toolkit that presented that theoretical framework, as well as providing sample activities and other resources to help faculty to practically implement that framework into their instruction. The student success librarian also integrated data literacy into the first-year student information literacy curriculum.

Conclusion – Participation and facilitation of the FLC by librarians served to further librarian-faculty collaboration, as well as demonstrating library value. The work of the Data Literacy Across the Curriculum FLC raised awareness about information and data literacy on campus, and provided support to faculty members looking to further integrate data literacy into their instruction.


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