A Universal Issue

Analyzing Gender Inequality Through a Sociological Lens


  • Laura Box University of Alberta


The purpose of this paper is to explore the nature of gender inequality through a symbolic interactionist, conflict, and feminist perspective. A song, poem, and two news articles are used to provide evidence for these perspectives. Furthermore, this media aids in arguing for a mixture of a conflict and feminist perspective as the most valuable theories for understanding gender inequality.

Top half is the painting The Examination of a Witch by T.H. Matteson. It depicts people, supposedly 1600s American colonists in Salem, in various states of uproar as they accuse the central figure, a young girl of witchcraft in a trial. The girl is holding her dress to her chest as her back is examined for signs of witchraft. In the upper left hand corner is SUSA, INVOKE VOLUME 8. Below the painting reads the title: Women in law Examining Women on different sides of justice, as well as additional topics of international fascism.