INvoke volume 4 is now out!


Please enjoy our fourth volume of INvoke. Contributors are undergraduate students from the University of Alberta Sociology and Criminology programs.

INvoke Volume 3 out now!


The new issue of INvoke is out now and accessible by clicking the "Current" tab on the website or by clicking this link.



The focus and scope of the journal comprises of anything sociological, that is presenting scholarly research with a sociological perspective. This does not completely exclude perspectives of other disciplines; sociology is a very broad and overlapping field and submissions with overlapping perspectives will be accepted. Please fill out this form to receive more information about how to submit your work:

Invoke: Undergraduate Journal of Sociology is back!


All of us here at Invoke are happy to announce that we will be returning for the 2014-2015 school year! After a year long hiatius, we are hoping this year to coordinate the rebirth of Invoke: Undergraduate Journal of Sociology. We hope not only to expand the journal itself, but also to increase the level student interest and contribution associated with it. We hope to get as many people as possible actively involved in the sharing of ideas, and hope to facilitate scholarly dicussion in the areas of Sociology and Criminology.

Corey Li - VP Undergraduate Journal of SUSA



As of June 2013, Invoke will be on hiatus. We hope to return in the near future.

Thanks to all our supporters.

Submission Deadline


Hello Everyone

The Submission deadline for our Winter publication (due in January) will be December 6th, 2012. Submissions after this date will be considered for our Spring publication (due in early May).