Reading Perceptions of Intrinsically Motivated High School Juniors




reading for pleasure, reading motivation, intrinsic motivation for reading, school librarians, reading programs


Studies show pleasure reading results in academic benefits but declines between elementary and secondary years.  ​​The question addressed is “what are the experiences in the lives of juniors (aged 16-18) that foster intrinsic motivation to read for pleasure?” Juniors from four mid-western U.S. schools with varied ethnic and socio-economic profiles were identified as highly and distinctly intrinsically motivated for pleasure reading. Interviews revealed participants excelled academically and had family members who were readers. They read to escape stress, occupy time, and investigate careers. Rarely reading for rewards, they were “opportunistic readers.” Relationships with librarians were important in finding good books to read.  The purpose of this study is to provide educators and librarians with insights into high school students’ needs to facilitate reading for pleasure.




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Henning, J., & Crow, S. R. (2023). Reading Perceptions of Intrinsically Motivated High School Juniors. School Libraries Worldwide, 28(2), 19–40.