Foreign Terms in the Daily Arabic Discourse of Arab University Students


  • Aziz Thabit Saeed



This study investigates the presence of foreign terms, especially communication-oriented ones, in the daily Arabic discourse of University students. Data in the study were culled from 70 university students in two stages. Data obtained from the first stage of elicitation were made into a survey that comprises foreign terms together with their Arabic counterparts.  The second stage involved distributing the survey to 50 freshman University students at the AOU, Kuwait. The students were to select the terms that they use in their daily Arabic communication, i.e., Arabic or English.  The findings of the analysis reveal that the English terms emerged as the vividly dominant code of communication in Arabic conversations as far as the terms in the study are concerned.  The paper delineates the results of the analysis. The implications of this research will be important in the area of Arabicization and the role of the Arabic language Academies in maximizing their efforts toward Arabicization in this age of technological revolution.

Key words: Arabic, foreign words, English, equivalents.



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