Introduction & acknowledgements: Slavic Literatures Across Space and Time


  • Iaroslav Pankovskyi The University of Alberta



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Author Biography

Iaroslav Pankovskyi, The University of Alberta

Iaroslav Pankovskyi MA, PhD (current) at the University of Alberta. He has been doing research in applied linguistics since 2004. His articles works are dedicated to nonverbal communication and related topics. His most recent publications are “Nonverbal Lingvocultural Code in Phraseology of the Modern Ukrainian Language” (2010), “Nonverbal means of communication: benefits for SLA” (2010), “Paralinguistic means in the context of teaching cross-cultural communication to students of a linguistic department” (2009). They address the question of how nonverbal means of communication such as gestures, facial expressions, and prosody can aid in SLA and other applied contexts as well as the connection between nonverbal means of communication, mind, and verbal language.